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Done Right Roofing in Cornwall and Ottawa ensures that your flat or shingled roof is in good shape, which is crucial for the value of your property as well as your comfort. Our roofing contractors aim to deliver the best in customer services. Read our testimonials to know what our happy customers are saying. Contact us to learn more.


“Usually, I never take the time to write an appreciation letter for the work that I contract, but this time, I do because I was impressed with the service I received from your company.

Last October, I requested a quote for my roof, the work was done and charged exactly as the quote stipulated (no hidden costs). The staff were pleasant and the work got done in a professional matter (all garbage were picked up, all falling nails were picked up). In the past, I had the roof of my previous house done by another company that claimed, “We clean after ourselves”. Let me tell you, they did not. I was the one ending up cleaning after them! With your company, my house was left in a perfect state when all was done! Other than the new roof, no one could tell that someone worked there a day before! Well done!

My biggest surprise came a week after the work was done. I took my ladder and climbed with tools to clean the old stuff left by the previous roof in my gutters. I was totally flabbergasted to realize that your men already cleaned all the gutters!!! I was not expecting this level of professionalism from anyone but, Done Right Roofing really went beyond the call of duty! I sincerely appreciate the extra mile and for it, I write my first appreciation letter

I would not hesitate to recommend your company!

A very happy customer!

Thank you very much.”
-A Ross

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